Suddenly Cow


Anu doesn’t want to eat upma, but Amma wants her to. Suddenly a cow appears and eats the upma, willingly, including the green chillies.

And then, well, other things happen too.

This book is very silly, very bizarre, and very funny. If there was an award for the silliest, bizarre-est, and funniest book of the year, then this book would win that award, hands-down.

Unfortunately, because this world is run by adults, there are no awards for the silliest, bizarre-est, and funniest book of the year.

Also, here’s a note for the adults reading this: There are no morals in this book. No hidden morals also. No subtle lessons either. But this book is thoroughly entertaining. Your child will love it!

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This silly story starts with upma. Anu doesn’t want to eat herΒ upma. But her mother wants her to. And then, suddenly a cow appears and eats the upma. Throughout the day, the cow keeps entering the frame, unannounced, uninvited. Totally, suddenly.

This silly story is written by the serious author and journalist Sowmya Rajendran. Her book Mayil Will Not Be Quiet (Tulika Books, 2015) won the Bal Sahitya Puraskar, which is an important prize awarded by the very important Sahitya Akademi.

We aren’t 100% sure as to what drove this very serious person to write this very silly book, but it could be because of her lovely little daughter who is impatient, and likes things “suddenly.” Maybe Sowmya tried telling her little one to stop being silly and instead be serious. And then her little one asked Sowmya to stop being serious and instead be silly. And maybe Sowmya listened.

Whatever it is, here we are, with this very silly book about a πŸ„ who likes to appear suddenly. If you are telling this story to a child, then indulge in the silliness and talk about other animals that might appear suddenly. Like a πŸ– or 🐈 or 🦍 or 🐎 or πŸͺ or 🐿 or 🦎 or πŸ¦‘ or 🐳 or 🐬 or πŸ•Š or πŸ’ or πŸ¦– or πŸ¦•. Oh wait, πŸ¦– and πŸ¦• can’t really appear. Oh, well. We just really wanted to use animal emojis in the product description. 😊

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