The Adventures of Mooli and the Blue-Legged Alien


Mooli’s meddling ways usually get him into trouble but he also has some of the best ideas. Soups loves reading and is super-smart.

These two best friends are on a mission to win a prize on a cool new website – Wayouts (World’s As Yet Original Untried Tricks and Stunts).

But can they win the prize? Join them on some awesome adventures as they try out tricks and stunts that no one has thought of before!

Awards won: This book won the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) Award in 2019 for the theme Mischief for the age 8-10 yrs.

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Mooli’s fingers always seem to have a mind of their own.

Whether it’s pulling the beads off a cushion cover while watching TV or tearing the newspaper into a heap of tiny paper balls, he meddles with all sorts of things.

But for all the mayhem he causes, Mooli actually has a penchant for innovative ideas! Together with his best friend, Soups, the duo is determined to pull off a one-of-a-kind stunt for the cool website, Wayouts, which rewards untried and original tricks. ✨

Alas, their goal is thwarted by a flower thief who has been stealing Mr. Reddy’s beautiful zinnias! Mooli is convinced that their culprit is an alien. 👽

Is he right? Do they catch the thief and win a prize on Wayouts? Read and find out!

The Adventures of Mooli and the Blue-Legged Alien is the first in a series of chapter books perfect for children starting to read on their own. Written using simple vocabulary but with the style and humour that characterize Asha Nehemiah’s books, these stories are sure to engage young readers.

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