The Boy With Two Grandfathers


Living with two grandfathers can be equally annoying and entertaining, especially if they hail from two ends of the country.

Amol’s Appa and Ajoba are worlds apart: they eat differently, speak differently, think differently, and yet they have one thing in common: both of them adore Amol.

What happens when a whisper of a change makes its presence felt in the family? Will they continue to sit around the table exchanging stories from their childhood, without a care in the world? 

Awards won: This book won the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) Award in 2019 for the theme Wit and Wisdom for the age 9-11 yrs.

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Living under the same roof with two grandfathers can be equally annoying and entertaining, as Amol discovers every day.

Appa and Ajoba are worlds apart. One is calm and composed, the other extravagant and experimental; but they are both “interested in everything and afraid of nothing.”

They dote on Amol and are ever-ready to help him out with his every little fiasco. However, enjoying the perks also means putting up with their quirks: from Appa discussing toilet habits in great detail to Ajoba lecturing children in a burger joint about citizenship.

Things begin to change when Amol’s mother falls sick but Amol is convinced that his family will tide through it, knowing that he could not have asked for a more awesome duo to be by his side.

Trivia: This book is not only a winner of the Best of Indian Children’s Writing Award but also The Hindu Young World – Goodbooks Award.

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