The Foodie From Out There


One of the many trees of the Guindy National Park, Chennai has a marking “L<3 A.” You would think it’s the work of a bored youngster. Would you believe it if you were told that this is a site of an alien landing? The tree is actually a spaceship with a family of aliens from the faraway planet, Acapulca, living inside. Acapulcians are pudgy with round faces, round eyes, and round limbs.

Why have they come to Earth? Like every other alien, the Acapulcians have come to Earth on a mission! They are looking for something. What is it? And how far will they go to get it?

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Welcome to the green and lush Guindy National Park, Chennai. One of the many trees has a marking – ‘L<3 A’ – on it. You would think this is nothing out of ordinary; probably the work of a bored youngster.  The last thing you would expect is that it is an alien marking, but that’s the truth! The tree happens to be the spaceship of a family of aliens! The Vegaleons of Acapulca, a faraway planet, have landed in Chennai and are living in disguise.

Unlike the aliens whom you may have heard stories of, Acapulcans are not scary, ugly, or evil. Neither can they melt metal, lift bicycles in the air, or spark death-rays from their fingertips. They are a pudgy race with droopy eyes and rounded faces even though the only things they eat are nutrition capsules.

Now you are probably wondering why these aliens came all the way to earth from Acapulca? They’re on a mission from the Central Acapulcian Council to find their genius scientist Spica Stellar who has gone missing in Chennai.

The youngest of the Acapulcans, Luna Vageleon, is the most excited about this trip. This is his second out-of-Acapulca expedition after his class trip to the barren Pluto. Boring. But, Luna is not allowed to set foot outside the spaceship on Earth because he is too young.

Left all alone, Luna sets to explore the human world through the telescope. Beyond the trees, he sees a shiny box through the window. “A red box . . . a shiny red box. A plump hand is opening it by the silver handle. Wow! A whirl of mist . . .”

It fades to reveal glass trays with vivid and objects of different shapes. Luna stares astonished at the inside of the box until a shrill female human voice startles him. “Maaaaaaaa! Shiv is playing with the door of the fridge againnnn!”

Read The Foodie From Out There to join Luna and his family on an adventurous gastronomic journey of out-of-the-world friendship and mystery.

Trivia: One of the authors, Marva, worked on this book as a part of her writing internship with Ms Moochie Books while she was living in the IIT Madras campus right next to the Guindy National Park!

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