The Forbidden Forest


There are strange stories about the big forest at the edge of Arun’s house. He has been told to never go there.

But of course he MUST! So he slips away one day.

It is like another world inside, strange and beautiful. All is well until he breaks a “rule.” Now, Arun has to face the fierce King Yaksha, spirit guardian of the forest, who gives him a very unusual punishment.

Awards won: This book won the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) Award in 2019 for the theme Adventure for the age 8-10 yrs.

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Ever since Arun’s family moved to a remote bungalow, he has been warned to stay away from the forest neighbouring the house.

With its deep cover of trees and strange noises, the forest seems exciting and mysterious. Unable to resist the temptation, Arun slips away one day!

At first, everything is idyllic and serene. The stray deer wandering around, the chirping of hundreds of birds, the multitude of vibrant flowers . . . all of it has him spell-bound. 🦌🐦🥀

However, when Arun breaks a branch from a tree, the guardian spirit of the forest, King Yaksha, has a strange punishment in store. “You think trees cannot feel? Wait till you become one yourself. Then you will know.”

Now Arun is stuck as a tree during the day, and can transform to his original self only at night. 🌳 Does this experience teach him the lesson King Yaksha intends?

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