The Night Monster


Every night, when the owl hoots and the shadows of the trees dance on the walls, the Night Monster creeps into Avi’s room and frightens him.

One day, his sister suggests that he write a letter to the monster. After that, Avi’s nights are not the same any more.

This beautiful story with its haunting mixed media illustrations will allay every child’s night-time fears.

Awards won: This book won the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) Award in 2018 for the theme Family for the age 6-8 yrs.

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There’s something about the night that terrifies Avi. He’s convinced that it’s a monster from the deepest abyss of darkness, come out to haunt him. 🌒

His sister, Swati, says, “Let’s write a letter to the monster.” Avi does, and voila! There’s a response the next morning!

Thus begins the correspondence between Avi and the Night Monster.

Avi wants to know why the monsters scares him with the shadows and the hoot hoot noises. But the Night Monster replies that the shadows are just playing with each other and the hoot hoot noises are from its friend, Owl. 🦉

Pick up this book to follow Avi’s gradual journey of overcoming his fears and befriending that which has spooked many a child: the night.

With its poignant words and gorgeous pictures, this book is a beautiful addition to your child’s book shelf.

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