The Very Wiggly Tooth


Bunu has a loose tooth! It’s her very first one. She’s excited about it but also a little scared.

She just wants the wiggly tooth to come out, but it refuses to fall. Bunu tries pushing it with her tongue, getting Papa to shake it, even pulling it with a string . . . but the stubborn tooth won’t budge!

Read to find out how, with a little help from a Himalayan tradition, Bunu finally loses her tooth.

Awards won: This book won the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) Award in 2019 for the theme Family for the age 6-8 yrs.

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Bunu is one step away from losing her first tooth. The only catch: it won’t fall!

Mama tells her to push it with her tongue, but that doesn’t work.
Papa tries to gently shake it, but that doesn’t work either.
Chunnu, her sister, pulls it with a string, but does that work? No.

“It is not ready. Wait for some time and it will fall out on its own,” they all advise her, but Bunu is impatient. šŸ˜£

And then Mama tells her about a Himalayan tradition. What is it? Does it work? Will the stubborn tooth finally fall?

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