Too Cool for School


The infamous pranksters Vinod and Rahul are certain that the new boy Preetam is an alien in disguise. How else is he able to break a glass tumbler just by staring at it?

Krishna sneaks out of his hostel at midnight dreaming of the forbidden mangoes on the campus plantation . . . who can guess what awaits him at the long-dead Principal’s abandoned bungalow?

From ‘Mangoes at Midnight’ to ‘the Flying Monkey’, Too Cool for School is a collection of eight fun stories which provide a window into school life – friendship, pranks, secret pets, dares, and classroom antics! It’s funny, and nostalgic.

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Excerpt from the story, Mangoes at Midnight:

Come ye, Red Warriors! The monster of boredom grows stronger. Adventure is our only weapon. Tonight as the clock strikes 12, we shall embark on an adventure . . .” Thus continued the red letter from the red warriors and Krishna couldn’t resist his curiosity. Honey Valley Public School had a lush 200-acre mango grove. But the students were strictly banned from entering the groves and never got a single slice of the heavenly aromatic mangoes. Ever since the scorching summer began, Krishna relished the memories of the juicy mangoes from his granny’s village. He couldn’t wait for midnight anymore, to set off for the escapade to the mango groves.

Too Cool for School is a collection of short stories. It’s full of laugh-out-loud humour and laced with tenderness and some wisdom. Watch out for tales of friendship, pranks, dares, classroom antics, secret pets . . . and other, you know, school stuff. This book is good for a lazy afternoon, and is paired well with ☕.

All the stories in this collection are authored by Compass Fellows, or by the traveling storytellers of the Book Lovers’ Program for Schools. These hardworking storytellers travel to schools across the country for over 100 days a year and spends hours telling stories to children. Needless to say, they’re 👌 at stories and storytelling!

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