Travelling Light : A Collection of Travel Stories


Travelling Light is a series of short stories. In each of them, the central theme is travel. But the stories are also about letting go, and embracing adventure. And about travelling light.

The first story takes us to Colombo, while we travel to the temple town of Hampi in another. There’s also a story about a trek to the hill fortress of Sinhagad and to Bandavgarh National Park. The stories are about travel to different places; anywhere but the neighbourhood mall.

This book is from the genre of travel writing, and is meant for children. But as with all good children’s books, it’s great for adults too.

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Excerpt from Travelling Light:

Nina hesitated, mustered her courage, and ploughed on ahead. “Papa, Anisha is going for GTC’s annual family trip to Malakini Hills next week. It will be very pleasant this time of year. Everyone is staying at the same resort. They have planned a number of activities. The bonfire night and the kite-flying sound very exciting. I was just wondering . . .”

“It’s a waste of money, Nina,” said Mr Sunder firmly. “When you travel, you pay double for food, triple on hotel rooms, quadruple on transport. Why go through the misery of travelling when you can enjoy a holiday in the comfort of your own home? Isn’t it better to save the money for something more important?”

Nina’s heart sank. Mr Sunder worked for GTC—Good Teeth Company—which made toothpaste. As the director of accounting, he earned a high salary, the same as Mr Shankar who was the director of manufacturing. However, Nina’s father was a miser. He didn’t like spending on things he considered frivolous. And he considered everything frivolous—travel, birthday parties, eating out at restaurants, going to the movies, and anything else that Nina considered fun.

There were times when Nina despised her father’s stingy behaviour. This was one of them. Nina wanted to go to Malakini Hills, but she knew she’d been a fool to think her father would agree.

The stories in this book are written by the Compass Fellows, or the travelling storytellers of the Book Lovers’ Program for Schools. While we ask our children to write about their summer tours all the time, we hardly ever show them how good travel writing should read. With this goal, the travelling storytellers present to you this collection.

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