What Are These For?


Kitty Cat knocks over a pile of cutlery. Two little girls, who live in the house, are fascinated by the shiny things that have fallen down.

Forks and cups and bowls and spoons! Ma sings them a little song and explains what each of these is used for. The little teaspoons stir sugar into tea while the knives are used to butter bread . . .

Read this lovely book for an innovative blend of learning and laughter, complete with Chaaya Prabhat’s sprightly illustrations!

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The kitchen is a mess!
Who did this?
Things are on the floor.
What are these objects for?

Bang! Splat! A loud crash from the kitchen reveals that Kitty Cat has knocked over a heap of silverware.

Spoons, forks, cups, and bowls. They’re all over the floor but wait, what are they for?

When two little girls ask Ma what these shiny things do, she sings a little song and demonstrates too! She shows them how spoons scoop up hot khichdi, and how forks are used to twirl yummy Maggi.

The vibrant illustrations and visual clues make this book a must-read for any child.

The Little Book Lovers’ Reading Series employs strategies to reinforce pre-reading skills. Set in recognisable Indian environments, these stories aim to engage a child and make reading fun. Look for:

  • Rhythm and Rhyme
  • Picture to text correspondence
  • Easy words
  • Activities

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