Where Is Bear’s Shoe?


Honk! Honk! Honk!

Lulu bear’s school van is right around the corner, but where is her left shoe? Ah, there it is – up in that tree! But how can she get it down quickly? There must be a way . . . Aha!

Lulu comes up with a plan to retrieve her shoe, but it’s a bit precarious. Does it eventually work?

Also, who put the shoe up in the tree?

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Little Bear, wake up!
It’s time for school.
Oh wait . . .
Where is bear’s shoe?

Lulu bear can’t find one of her shoes! Why, she wore them both to school just yesterday. 👞

She’s finished brushing, bathing, and dressing. All that remains is the left shoe, darn! She looks out the window, and what does she see? Her missing shoe stuck up in a tree. 🌳

Lulu bear has to come up with a plan. Her van is already on the way.

But the tree is so tall and Lulu, so short! How will she ever get to her shoe in time? 🕗

The Little Book Lovers’ Reading Series employs strategies to reinforce pre-reading skills. Set in recognisable Indian environments, these stories aim to engage a child and make reading fun. Look for:

  • Rhythm and Rhyme
  • Picture to text correspondence
  • Easy words
  • Activities

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