About Us: We’re an award winning independent children’s publishing house called Ms Moochie Books. We publish high quality Indian picture books for ages 3-8. Our books are rated 4.5 or 5 stars on Amazon.in.

Book Launch at Your School!

We’re very happy to inform you about the launch of our new book Ramu the Hero at Silver Oaks Sarjapur on 15th July 2019!

About the book: Ramu is pretending to be a superhero. As he’s playing, he messes up the whole house. But his mother is unwell, so he has to clean up himself. In the process, he realises who the real superhero is – his mother.

Where to Buy the Book

Ramu the Hero is part of a series of bestselling books based on the daily lives of Ramu and Ramya. They are part of the Little Book Lovers’ Reading Series.

Buy with discount: The books are available for purchase on our website (this website!) at ~10% discounted price. The book is written by Subha Manoj, who is a teacher at Silver Oaks Sarjapur. As a token of our gratitude, we are offering a further discount coupon of 15%. Please use the coupon SILVEROAKS at checkout. So the total discount is 25% off the MRP. Email us at contact@multistory.in or WhatsApp us on 9003028636 for queries.