About The Series

The Little Book Lovers’ picture books are meant for children who are just starting to read. Other similar books are Penguin’s Step in Reading Series and Usborne’s Phonic Readers. Main features of the Little Book Lovers’ Reading series are:

  • The books are FUN to read.
  • They are written in line with early language learning theory.
  • They are 100% Indian, so the context is relatable.

How Does it Work?

Reading fluently and confidently is a major early childhood developmental goal. Children have to learn to

  • Recognise symbols as letters and words;
  • Scan their memory to attach a meaning to words;
  • Interpret the grammar of a set of words written together (sentences);
  • Comprehend the meaning of what’s being said.

At this age, children learn by recognising patterns and the Little Book Lovers’ books use this as an anchor. The story is told in auditory patterns, i.e. rhythm. The sentences are in rhyme and are positioned in the same place on each page, which offers predictability. Also, at this age, everything seems new, and potentially confusing. In order to limit the newness in each book, the stories are set in the Indian context, and the pictures correspond to the text. The words used are largely from the relevant Fry sight word lists. Activities are provided at the end of each book to continue the learning after the story is over.

All books in this series are told as stories first and then written as books, so they lend themselves very well to storytelling, whether at home or in the classroom.

World of Ramu and Ramya

The award winning Ramu and Ramya books are set in Indian settings. The stories are simple and enjoyable. The words are written in rhythm and rhyme and the words used are easy.

Ramya’s Snack Box

 Ramya shares her snacks so generously with her friends, that there are none left for her. Later, at lunch-time she realises that she’s left her lunch box at home! But when you share, it all comes full circle, right?  

The Happy Place

 Ramya is determined to care for her grandmother’s unkempt garden, but gardening is no easy task! Her efforts are always plagued by setbacks. Will Ramya give in to these odds or find a way to overcome them?

Ramya’s Fancy Dress Mess

 There’s a fancy dress contest at Ramya’s school. Ramya is very excited! On the day of the event, she realises that she and her friend Aanya are dressed the same. Oops! 

Ramya’s Bat

 No matter how hard she tries, Viji can’t sit still! She fidgets and wriggles, squirms and jiggles. But Viji isn’t a naughty kid. She just has too much energy. Will she ever be accepted for who she is?  Ramya watches her classmates play cricket and wants to join in. First she needs a bat, but Pa thinks cricket is too difficult for girls. Can she show Pa that she can play just as well as the boys?

Ramu The Hero

 Ramu puts on a cape and a mask and becomes a superhero. Ramu imagines various monsters and fights them, and makes a giant mess. Since his mother is sick, Ramu and to clean up. He realises who the real superhero is. 

Ramu’s Ride

  When Sara offers Ramu a ride on her bicycle, he happily accepts. But when the bike spins out of control, he resolves never to touch one again. How can he learn to ride safely while still having fun?

Teacher/ Parent Resources

We’ve put everything you need to know about teaching early reading skills in one large book. It has phonics, word lists, whole language approach activities, etc, etc!

My First Words

As the title suggests, we’ve put together many of the first English words that children pick up in one book and put a picture next to it. Some of the pictures are from the stories of the Little Book Lovers’ series books. 

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Make Your Own Value Set

We’ve put together a page where you can choose which book you want from this series and how many of them you want. You can even choose 0 of one and 5 of another! Buy them together, in the mix you want, and save an approximate 30% on the MRP!

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